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GMAT Courses

Basic Maths for GMAT course


This 12 hour optional foundations course incorporates the basics of the quantitative components - algebra, arithmetic, and geometry. 

This course will help those who did not do maths to Matric, or feel they are rusty.

The course runs over 4 evenings  (3 hour sessions) and can be taken alongside the Essential Course.

Four consecutive Mondays from the 19th August 


Four consecutive Wednesdays from 16 October 

Register along with the Essential course registration


GMAT Essentials course


This course runs for over  approximately 50 hours and can be taken as a stand-alone course to prepare for the GMAT. It covers the quantitative and verbal components of the GMAT.  

The course covers : Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction,  Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency , the Analytical Writing Assignment Essay, and Integrated Reasoning.

Includes optional study groups 


GMAT Advanced course


 The  16 hour Advanced course is optional and follows the Essential course. It  includes "speed drills" to help improve the speed with which you do questions.  

These lessons will give you strategies to spot key elements within questions so that you can complete questions in a shorter time period.   The sessions will give practice with harder questions. 


Cost: R2,000 with Essential course or R4,000  on its own

Maths foundations, Essential and Advanced courses  can be taken together for R14,500 

 Register along with the Essential course registration 


 Semi-Intensive Essential course in August/September 

Orientation evening on Wednesday 14 August 6pm to 9pm

Classes on Sunday 9am to 4.30pm AND Wednesday 6pm to 9pm 

18 August  to 18 September 


Essential course in October/November

Orientation evening Wednesday 2 October 6pm to 9pm

Tuesdays and Thursday evenings 6pm to 9pm 

8 October to 28 November 



Additional Information

 The NMAT by GMAC™ exam is used for admissions to some of the leading graduate business programmes in emerging markets including India, South Africa, and Nigeria.

This course runs for 30 hours and covers the Language Skills Section, The Quantitative Skills Section and The Logical Reasoning Section of the NMAT.

Classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings  from 28 October to 28 November. Classes are from 6pm to 9pm at GIBS in Illovo.

  Cost: R5,000





Students preparing for the GRE can take a combination of GMAT prep classes and specialised GRE prep classes.  Over 50 hours of class time in total.


Orientation evening: Thursday 3 October  6pm to 9pm

Classes Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 October to 28 November 6pm to 9pm  

Classes in Illovo and Parkhurst

Cost: R11,000


Private Lessons

 Private lessons on the verbal or quantitative sides of the GMAT, GRE  and NMAT are available at R450 per hour or R800 per 2 hour session for individuals. 


MBA Admissions Advice


Affordable application support for international MBA programmes is available.  See our sister site www.admissionsafrica.com or contact cara@admissionsafrica.com for more information  

About Us

Testimonials: Test preparation

770 GMAT scorer


I am so grateful that Sue worked with me to achieve my result in the final examination – the contact sessions with her made a huge difference in preparing me. Sue made efforts to accommodate my busy schedule, and catered for my individual strengths and weaknesses so that we could focus on the biggest development areas from session to session. Sue shaped my appreciation for the strategic importance of the Verbal sections, and my improvements from the mock tests  through to the final GMAT Examination were off the back of improvements in my Verbal score.Sue inspired my best efforts and celebrated with me in my successes. Sue played a huge role in my final GMAT score, as well as the TOEFL examination  

Jurie Jean 

'Instructors' input was invaluable'

I found both Quant & Verbal components of the course extremely helpful they helped me pace my study programme and build my understanding quickly. I believe that especially on the Quant side the difficulty in the GMAT Official Guide is not representative of the exam.  The Verbal component was extremely important for me finally getting to grips with the expectations of the test.  It is difficult to learn the complex nuances for the different strategies of approaching the question types from a book. That’s why the instructors’ input was invaluable.


From 680 to 710


Thanks to Cara and Shimon from Coefficient Solutions I was able to improve my GMAT score from

680 to 710 in just two weeks. .I would highly recommend Cara and Shimon

to anyone doing GMAT. They really understand the nuances of the test and how, as South Africans

with little experience in taking adaptive tests, we can obtain competitive scores. Cara has also been

a huge help with the MBA admissions process. Thank you Cara and Shimon!


Testimonials: Application advice

HEC Paris and Yale

  Admissions Africa played a pivotal role in helping me get accepted into a Master In Management at HEC Paris and Yale. As my GRE score was lower than the average score at both schools and the program was highly competitive, I realized that I needed to craft a stellar application to stand a chance of gaining acceptance.

Throughout the entire process, Cara made me think more deeply about why the master’s program was an ideal fit for me and how I could best communicate this to the admissions officers at both universities. 

Thank you Admissions Africa for helping me get accepted into my dream program- I couldn’t have done it without your help and support!


The backbone of my applications

I applied to 5 programs and have been accepted into 3 (Emlyon/ St Gallen/ Maastricht) with 2 pending (Tias/EDHEC) where the interviewers told me they will give a positive recommendation so cautiously waiting for  good results. There are also some scholarships included.

This is not me bragging, this is me saying thank you to you and your colleagues. The advice and classes were really the backbone of my applications. Thank you very much.


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